Is Justin Bieber The Kurt Cobain of This Generation?

There is no denying the musical prowess of Justin Bieber:  his powerful vocals and dancing skills put acts like Michael Jackson and James Brown to shame.   If there was someone who truly embodied the ‘Motown Sound’, it would be Justin Bieber.  When we look at the album sales of Justin Bieber versus Usher, we can say the student has truly surpassed the teacher.  Justin Bieber is by and large the greatest musical act of all time, any of his videos on YouTube crushing the views of washed-up acts like Elvis.

But despite the great accomplishments of this young man, there are many who just cannot understand how great he is and how much an influence his music will have on society at large.

This were the truths surrounding the career of Kurt Cobain, perhaps better described as the Justin Bieber of the 1990s.  Cobain was a misunderstood soul, with the mainstream crowds saying his music would never mean anything and that he had no talent.  But in retrospect, we see Cobain literally ended the boy band era and is responsible for the gritty, soul-felt punk and grunge music that are still the standard of rock to this very day.

Justin Bieber has revitalized and renewed the R&B industry, making it into his own image.  All singers and dancers are now trying to mock Bieber’s unique style, from oversized clothing to unique, lovable hair.  They try to match his unreal dancing abilities and stunning vocals, but always fall short.  Even when compared to a female version of himself, such as Carlie Rae Jepson, Bieber comes out on top of her.  His lyrics are deep and heartfelt, the emotions built from hours of singing in front of a mirror, spilling his soul.

Bieber’s life largely matches that of Jim Carrey.  Carrey, growing up homeless and losing his parents before he made it big, spent hours in front of broken glasses and mirrors, perfecting his craft.  His acting energy is largely built of emotion and the inner drive to want to success for his family, the rich bounty of his career they never will get to know.  Bieber is cut from the same cloth as Carey, an emotionally filled singer who delivers everything he has to his loving fans.

So when we ask if Justin Bieber is the Kurt Cobain of this generation, the clear answer is yes.