Jamie Foxx Wants to ‘Channing All Over Her Tatum’ On Jimmy Kimmel Post Oscar Show

Haywood Bynum III
• TopekasNews
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Jamie Foxx and his lover apparent, Channing Tatum, made merry on Jimmy Kimmel’s Post-Show for the 85th Oscars.  Tatum and Fox fell in love on the set of Django Unchained, where Tatum must have grown accustomed to touching Foxx’s secret parts, as it was made quite apparent through explicit reference on the show that “Tatum saw the great size of it”.

Tatum’s home life must be confused right now, as he has a pregnant wife who has fled to England to give birth to a child.

Jamie Foxx and Channing Tatum, attending a Oscar’s post party together in close company.  Tatum is now fully out and confessed that “Jamie regularly channings all over his Tatum” on Jimmy Kimmel live after the Oscars.

Before the Oscars, the closeness of the relationship between Foxx and Tatum was relatively unknown.  The joke that Foxx had regularly “Channinged all over his Tatum” was taken as an innocent joke, people outside the movie-set trailers not really knowing what was going on between the two.

During their set on Jimmy Kimmel Live! after the Oscars, Channing and Foxx made several jokes with latent innuendo.  Sensing they wanted to stay on that subject, Kimmel brought up the ‘size’ of Jamie Foxx’s bulge, which was seen throughout the film Django Unchained.

Foxx then stood up and stomped his left leg, as if needing to readjust himself.  With quick hands, Tatum quickly reached up and down Foxx’s legs, like someone familiar with that task.  Jamie’s eyes lit up and then out of nowhere, Jamie decided he wanted to do his best Liberace and have Tatum lie all over a black piano and seductively grind himself all about, the most flamboyant display of ‘coming out’ seen in recently television history.

At the 1:19 mark of their encore performance of “Channing All Over her Tatum“, Channing Tatum forcibly grabs an uncomfortable Jimmy Kimmel and bends him over a piano, excitedly grinding into his backside as the shocked crowd gasps.  Jamie Foxx continued to sing the song, apparently trying to put the vulnerable Jimmy Kimmel ‘in the mood’.

Shocking Horror: Jamie Foxx and Channing Tatum come out to the tune of “Channing All Over Her Tatum”, then Channing Tatum visibly forces Jimmy Kimmel to bend over and let him “Channing all over the Jimmy’s Tatum”. A shocked post-Oscars audience gasped, screamed and fled as all this took place. Source: ABC

It remains unknown if Jimmy Kimmel will be able to produce his show this week, as he gets over all the shock and buzz from Hollywood’s new power couple’s, TatumFox, antics.


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