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Japan China Islands Dispute, America’s Perfect Chance To Start World War III

The great onus of responsibility to defend the weak from the powerful is a task that falls upon every great empire.  When this moment does arise, the question is if the mighty empire will sit back, coy and cowardly, letting the weak fall to the armies of damnation.  Or will the empire step forward, putting itself on the line to do the right thing and loudly dictate it will upon all.

Today America faces such a choice.  China is trying to steal some random island for Japan.  Now I could not really tell you where these islands are and why China thinks they have ground to take them, but I do know one thing:  Japan could never defeat China in a war, Japan is our ally, and America!  We are America and China is picking on our good friends in Japan.

And when you mess with America’s friend, you mess with America.  And when you mess with America, you mess with God and freedom.

Why China wants to steal an island from God and freedom is beyond me, but as Americans if we do not put a stop to their aggressive warmongering, we will be just as bad as we were when we did not immediately rain horror down upon Hitler in World War II, the second we suspected he was committing acts of terror.

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But American flinched and delayed getting to Europe in time.  We tried to have a state of peace and war with Nazi Germany, a grave error in judgment.  And right now, we are again falling into the same trap.  We are ignoring China’s humans right violations, we are allowing them to bully Japan and we are allowing them to continually line our coffers with loaned money, so that we can continue to live our carefree lifestyles of gluttony.

The world is reaching once again a tipping point:  a point where history books will tell of great wars whose end results shift the direction of humanity in a very profound way.  Luckily for America, since 1776 we have won every big war possible.  But the coming war with China, it is not one of arms.  It cannot be a war we fight to the end, for a war of that type would turn nuclear and represent an end to life on Earth as we know it.  The only winners of that type of war would be the cockroaches that survived the nuclear winter we would cause for all mankind.

The new war America must fight with China is simple:  one of economics and morality.  Moreso than perhaps even America, China is a nation striving toward a 1950s-esque suburbia.  The elder power that be in China’s government may not yet realize it, but the nation is slowly but surely showing classic signs of becoming an overwhelmingly capitalist society.  As conditions for workers begin to approve and the government seeks conquest by economic gain, not military might, the people of the nation will naturally want more goods and conveniences.  They will turn into a soft economic empire, like the United States.

The United States has one very distinct advantage over China:  it is already industrialized.  America’s only weakness if actually greed.  If we can dial back our greed and need to borrow and overspend, we can weaken China and make them compliant with our international will.  And if our will is that China will find itself largely cut off from advantageous trading with America, threatening its burgeoning middle class to fall back into the bleak middle ages of no amenities, China will quickly sing to a different tune.

China will never reach a point to militarily challenge America, at least not in anyone’s lifetime.  America has spent most of its GDP of assuring military dominance, outside the aforementioned nuclear war that should always scare everyone.  But America still can play its cards right, economically, and be the world’s lone superpower, smartly exerting its will by virtue of textbook smarts and not military might.

The empire can protect the weak, it just must be willing to sacrifice.  And for the American Empire, it means we must sacrifice our overspending.