Jay-Z, Beyonce and Sasha Fierce – Satan’s Triumvirate of Hand Maidens

Haywood Bynum III
• TopekasNews
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The 2013 Super Bowl halftime show was one for the ages. Not soon after the show’s star performer, Beyonce, took to the center stage, a creepy still fell over the crowd. Stories of how the power continually failed and went out throughout the week’s rehersals, whenever Beyonce started to perform, surfaced anew. Was there a dark spirit or force present, due to Beyonce?

At first, such thoughts may seem preposterous. How could an attractive young woman whose talents include vigorously shaking her healthy body and loins while lip-syncing be anything but perverse fun for the secular masses? The standard Hollywood “tramp” who is awarded as “talented” by the public media and greedy producers, that is what she does. We all know that sex sells and Beyonce’s act seems to be simple evidence of that fact.

But if you dig beneath the surface, Beyonce’s “act” is far more sinister than the spiritual layman could ever imagine.

Before getting into the revealing video, we first need to look at Beyonce, her alternate “personality” Sasha Fierce and her media mogul husband, Jay-Z. We need to look at them deep and hard. They are part of a group called the illuminati and they wield a power beyond what you or I can wield, in a dark way.

For those of you not in the know, understanding the Illuminati is quite simple. Most of you will have seen Star Wars, the movie series about Good vs. Evil. The Illuminati are much like the Dark Side, that is, Darth Vader and Palpatine incarnate. They have mastery over a ‘dark force’, that Satan grants, to help them gain power over the world.

Look at this video and you will see Beyonce’s ‘mind trick’ she performed at the Super Bowl.

Our video here is scary and it proves the point to you.

It will also open your eyes to know that Beyonce’s lifemate, Jay Z, calls himself “HOVA”.  Preacher Craige Lewis teaches that HOVA means something sinister.

In a song of the same name, Jay Z chants:

H to the Izzo, V to the Izzy.  Fo’ Sheezy My Neezy, you be bowin’ to the Big J.

Let us analyze those lyrics:

H to the Izzo = This means H, followed by O in ebonic slang.  So we have the letters h-o.

V to the Izzay = This means V, followed by the letter A in ebonic slang.  So now we have H-o plus v-a.

That means Hova.  Now, Jay-Z informs his listeners that they will be bowing to the big J.  Let us put that all together:

J-hova.  That means Jehovah.  Jay-Z is calling himself Jehovah, or, Jesus Christ in these lyrics.

To the modern day Illuminati, Jay-Z is seen as an incarnate savior.  Look at how the Obama family, also Illuminati, have embrace Beyonce and Jay-Z.  Have you ever seen a celebrity couple so close to the presidency?

Before Barack Obama’s second inauguration, Jay-Z and Beyonce flew in the night before, spending an evening ‘behind closed doors’ with Barack and Michelle.  What sort of bizarre rituals were they doing?  Blood pacts.  Demon orgies.  Dances under the moonlight?

All we know for sure is that Beyonce was so tired the next day, she had to lip-sync the national anthem.  And Obama’s followers were captivated by her, more proof of her dark power.  But you already know that fact from the video.


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