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Justin Bieber Announces Music Retirement, O Happy Day

bieber announces retirement
There is a song that starts with, “Oh, Happy Day! Oh, Happy day!”, and that is all I can feel in my heart as I share this video with you. Justin Bieber just announced his retirement from ‘music’.

[adsense]I am no Berry Gordy, but I would not call Justin Bieber a musician in the classic sense, that is, I do not think the kid is musically talented. Like many of his comrades of this generation, I think he is just really well marketed and taking advantage, quite excellently, of the ‘consume anything’ communication-age generational cohort of his.

This is not me ripping on new musicians, I really did feel sadness when young Amy Winehouse could not control her vices and passed away. That young woman had the potential to become a legendary star that people would want to hear 50 years from now. A beautiful, unique voice that was just pure talent, no bells and whistles necessary.

The other thing I do not like about Justin Bieber, is that the kid is a little conceited, unappreciative snot. To be found on YouTube and get a media darling deal the way he has, he should be thankful. It’s like hitting the $600 million dollar powerball. You should be grateful for your luck, and not start looking down your lucky nose at everyone around you. It seems Bieber has a problem with being appreciative, but then again, he’s being fed ‘you da’ man’s’ ever since he was a teeny-bopper. Still no excuse. Whatever the case, feel free to share this wonderful news and hold him to it.

bieber announces retirement