Justin Bieber Caught Masturtating In His Jail Cell

bieber caught masterbating in jail miami
Justin Bieber was allegedly caught lubing Satan’s fleshy sword of sin in his jail cell, and now several prisoners of the Miami Penal Colony are demanding psychological counseling.  As one prisoner, Derek Grant puts it, “It was just disgusting, like watching your grandmother kneading the cookie dough.”

bieber caught masterbating in jail miamiThe shocking story apparently happened moments after Bieber was locked in a solitary cell, other prisoners onlooking as the fresh faced teen cursed at them from behind his jail cells.

Perhaps still high or drunk from earlier, Bieber allegedly ‘pulled his stuff out and suggestively handled it”, according to an anonymous source.

Guards were forced to enter the cell and forcibly remove Bieber from himself, telling him doing such things would surely guarantee he would not be free before the weekend.