Justin Bieber Desecrates Argentina Flag, Uses Flag to Mop Floor In Front of Shocked Argentine Fans

justin bieber argentina
justin bieber argentina Buenos Aires, Argentina – After being chased out of Brazil for his hookergate scandal, Justin Bieber has now also infuriated the government of Argentina and all of its citizens.

During his televised concert in Argentina last night, Bieber shocked the nation by pulling out their national flag and rubbing on his body, then using his microphone stand to use the flag as a mop to sweep the floor.

Bieber had to be rushed away from the concert afterward, as word spread through the streets of Argentina and a huge mob formed to deliver their version of justice.

Justin Bieber has not issued an apology over the incident and apparently thinks it is funny.

“My music is worth more than their flag,” sources allegedly report the singer as saying.


Of course, the fine people of Argentina are not very happy with all of this.

Twitter instantly lit aflame with Tweets from angry Argentine fans and citizens, ranting and raving about Justin Bieber’s behavior.  They heard all the stories about how Bieber terrorized the people of Brazil with his callous, arrogant actions, but they never thought only days later he would have caused the crowd to turn on his so quickly.  During this video, you can hear angry fans in the crowd chanting obscenities toward the singer.

Argentina takes to Twitter:

If there is to be any defense of Bieber’s actions, let us hope that ignorance and the telephone-game effect is going on here. Clearly, Bieber wiped the floor with the nation’s flag, as we see in the video.

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But we have to remember, this is a 19-year-old kid who was dragged out of adolescence by the manipulative hands of Hollywood fame and fortune. In between all his ‘celebrity’ grooming and tour dates, perhaps he missed out on the basic ‘World Flags’ lesson. Maybe he doesn’t have a lot of time to watch The Big Bang Theory and benefit from Dr. Sheldon Cooper’s invigorating lessons on world flags.

It would be fairly silly for him to say his music is better than any flag from Argentina, so we will put that in the ‘not true until we have video’ bin for this incident as well. But at best, Bieber should apologize to the people of Argentina and give his fans something extra in atonement, even if his act was done in ignorance, to make sure they do not stay dissatisfied customers.

Let us not forget, these fine people will riot and stomp the foundations of civilization over a soccer match. Do not infuriate Argentina, Biebs.