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Justin Bieber: “I’m Retiring”

[adsense]Today on Power 106, Justin Bieber gave the world a Christmas gift: “I’m retiring.”

The singer, who has produced legendary hits like “Baby, Baby, Baby, Oh” and countless other ‘songs’ I do not care to know about, made his announcement on Power 106.

English: Justin Bieber performing "Favori...

English: Justin Bieber performing “Favorite Girl” in Zurich, Switzerland. Deutsch: Justin Bieber bei der Darbietung seines Liedes “Favorite Girl” in Z├╝rich, Schweiz. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Bieber revealed later that after performing stand-up comedy at The Laugh Factory, he wanted to change careers from singing and get into acting. He thinks the only way he can do this is to officially retire from singing, which he made clear he intends to do in the video.

For all atheists and other non-believers out there, I offer this as proof that God does exist and this is nothing short of a Christmas miracle for mankind.