Kate Middleton Topless Photos Cause Furor for Royals

Brent Reiker
• TopekasNews
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A French magazine named Closer has allegedly posted topless photographs of Kate Middleton as she took in a sunny vacation with Prince Willliam on a French beach.  Though the suspected pictures are apparently grainy and amateur, they are enough to cause the British Royal family to issue an official protest of the images.  An official with the palace has stated the Royal Family will consider legal action against the French magazine.  A spokesperson for the family states that the mood is ‘anger and disbelief’ within Windsor.

While the British Royals are surely upset, it may be important for them to remember that they are celebrities and pseudo-politicians.  We’ve seen everything from Anthony Wiener, to Lindsay Lohan, to everyone and everything in between since the internet first went online.  If you are not modest in public, odds are some part of your body will likely come back and show its face on the internet.


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