Katt Williams Arrested Again for Child Endangerment

Emersyn Wachovia Watson
• TopekasNews
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Comedian Katt Williams has been arrested yet again.  This time Williams was arrested at his Woodland Hills, California, home where he was charged with child endangerment.  Officials report the comedian was arrested early Frida morning stemming from charges of suspected child endangerment.

Celebrity outlet Hollywood.com confirms Los Angeles Police Department arresting Williams after a thorough investigation by the Los Angeles County Department of Children and Family Services.  The final report found that ‘there were numerous guns and illegal drugs in the house that created a safety hazard for the kids.’

Williams had four children living at the home and is being held under $100,000 bail.  The children are purportedly in protective custody.

Katt Williams’ “breakdown” has shocked many fans.  Many wonder about his state of mental health or potential addiction, while others have speculated Williams may be trying a Charlie Sheen-esque grip for attention via public meltdown.  With putting children at risk, however, signs point to perhaps something more serious for Williams and we can only hope for a good resolution to the situation.

All of Williams’ bizarre behavior seemed to start in October, 2012.  Since that date, Katt Williams has allegedly:


Hit an assistant with a closed fist

Assaulting an 18-year-old with a hand wielded weapon

Did not perform at a show in Oracle Arena in Oakland, sparking outrage from fans

A requisite bar fight

Did not stop a motorbike for police, hitting nearly five people with his bike during a ‘chase’





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