Ken Ham Destroys Bill Nye In Evolution Debate: Christian Creationists: 1 Avolution Atheists: 0

Haywood Bynum III
• TopekasNews
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Untitled-1It was like watching the Seattle Seahawks utterly destroy the Denver Broncos.  Ken Ham, representing the Seahawks, had it all.  Flawless offense, superb, swarming defense and a spectacular display of showmanship as he easily dismantled Bill Nye’s half-baked Broncos-esque attempts at proving evolution to be true.

Over 6,000 years ago, tonight’s highly anticipated debate a theoretical evolutionist named Bill Nye and the well-respected scholar of creation science, Ken Ham, was already decided.  God gave Christians and believers all the proof we need to always trump any gussied-up attempt to prove God did not create the universe.

Simply turn open your Bible and read the opening passage:

Genesis: 1:1 – In the beginning, God created Heaven and Earth.

Those simple words prove that 6,000 years ago, God created Heaven and then the Earth.  Wild-eyed, marijuana legislation supporting scientists will try to convince you otherwise, trying to say that it is more logical to believe that trillions of years ago, there was a ‘magical’ big bang from nothingness, because somehow nothing creates something, and then from that nothingness evolved all life as we know it today.  These people believe that via endosymbiosis, a process where bacteria mate-eat each other to create ‘superbacteria’ (phagocytosis, which literally means, ‘homosexually feasting upon one another in a reproductive manner), eventually evolved a long line of fish, fish with lungs, fish with lungs and legs, monkeys and through a monkey lemur that mated with a neanderthal, that somehow humans popped up.

If you ask an evolutionist about this, they will yelp out, “Phylogeny recapitulates ontogeny!”, which means they basically think that in the womb, baby humans, baby lemur monkeys, baby pigs, baby sharks and baby sea urchins are essentially all the same, since we come from the same ancestral line.

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Watch The Creationism Vs. Evolution “Debate”: Bill Nye And Ken Ham

ken ham bill nye debate poll resultsIt is almost comical to think that the global-warming truther Bill Nye would show up to argue with such a respected scholar as Ken Ham.  The crowd who assembled for this debate was unbiased, but within minutes of hearing Ham’s well-researched and textbook defense of creationism and faith, they were brought to their feet and one atheist woman actually cried and asked to ‘be brought to Christ’.

Still, others in the crowed refused to hear more of Ham’s words as Nye was shushed into shame.  This woman had her two kids with her, and wildly jumped from her seat as Ham proved how the moon is technically a light made by God.  She jumped from her seat, grabbing her toddler by the arm and using her free hand to cup the ears of a child she was holding.  Her husband looked on, shocked and somewhat embarrassed, as she screamed out, “Me and my house don’t believe in your Bible!”

Another person in the crowd yelled, “Let the women remain in silence,” to which the crowd laughed as the debate continued.

Latest polls show online viewers of the debate cite Ham as winning, by a margin of 82% to 19%, with a s.d. .001 at a 95% confidence level.

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