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Kidnapper Releases 10-Year-Old Boy Who Won’t Stop Singing Gospel Song ‘Every Praise’

Atlanta, Georgia – A kidnapper released a ten-year-old child who would not stop singing a gospel song.

Ten-year-old Willie Myrick was in his front yard, bending to pick up some money on the ground, when a kidnapper suddenly grabbed him and threw him into a car.

The kidnapper warned the boy to ‘shut up’, but Myrick refused to comply.  Myrick instantly started singing a song by gospel artist Hezekiah Walker.  The song is called ‘Every Praise’ and Myrick sang the song for three hours straight.

The kidnapper cussed and demanded Myrick stop singing the song, but the brave and resilient child did not comply with his captor’s demands.

Myrick kept right on singing until the kidnapper left him out of the car.  Myrick immediately ran to the nearest home and asked the owners to let him call his guardians.

Police are calling the incident a miracle and hope a sketch put together by their crime artist will lead to the arrest of the kidnapper.  Hezekiah Walker, who wrote ‘Every Praise’, has since met with Myrick.