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Lady Gaga Vomits On Stage in Barcelona After Hearing His Own Music

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Barcelona, Spain – Lady Gaga is the latest celebrity who became physically ill and vomited all over the stage at his concert, all after a sound tech fed back the singer’s actual voice in a playback loop.  Only weeks ago, the same fate fell upon Justin Bieber, who slowly became so sick of his music that he lost his entire stomach contents, twice.

Gaga’s handlers indicate that only hours before the “On The Edge” singer wretched her guts in Barcelona, she ate a meal of bejeweled squid and whale’s milk at a posh London restaurant.   Gaga’s representatives are trying to claim the rich, expensive meal must have upset the stomach of the singer, but we all know better than that.

Was Lady Gaga’s elitist, capitalist meal of bejeweled squid and whale’s milk the true source of her upset stomach?


Sources at the venue in Spain revealed that Gaga’s vocals were fed back through her ear piece, making her listen to her vocals at an intense, dizzying level.  As we can see by this video evidence, it took only moments before Lady Gaga experienced what so many others do when forced to here her music, over and over again.

Lady Gaga is expected to make a full recovery by sometime next week.  In a way, this is somehow karma for Lady Gaga living too much the high life and not being grounded.