Liberals Can Put Together A gun Ban Bill in Days, Can’t Put Together and Pass a Budget and Debt Bill in 4 Years

Haywood Bynum III
Conservative Voice • TopekasNews
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Washington, DC – Somehow in the demented mind of a liberal, the innocent are criminals and criminals set norms that require a violation of Constitution to keep us all ‘safe’.  Of course I am talking about liberals and their hellbent determination to squander our Second Amendment right to bear arms.

A month ago, we all started mourning the loss of life following the Sandy Hook tragedy.  The heartbreak and grief we all feel can not even compare to what the parents of all those precious children will feel the rest of their life.

A deranged young man with potential psychiatric issues was the culprit.  He did not legally own any gun he used in the attack on those children and their brave school staff.  When we look at the Dark Knight Rises massacre at the Denver theater, or things like Littleton, Colorado, we notice a trend:  the shooters are not always stable, the guns, usually do not belong to them.

Nationwide, America does have a gun violence problem.  Who has the guns and is doing the killing?  Is it Johnny Cornbread, farmhand in Kansas and holder of many different gun permits, former war Vet who did two tours in Iraq?  Or is it Johnny Gangbanger, slinging dope in the hood and meeting up with Caesar Malo from Mexico, his hands lead-scented from all the guns given to him for free by Eric Holder and Barack Obama’s Fast and Furious  gun program.  Or maybe it is a man of unstable mind or criminal bent, who will find a way to do evil no matter what.

What sickens me about all democrats right now is the gusto and passion they are showing in their efforts to strip away gun rights from the innocent.  Within weeks, Obama has come up with 100 mandates he plans to unleash, with executive order if he deems he must coerce it upon us, that will strip and limit our gun rights.

In 4 years, however, he and his colleagues have come up with excuse after excuse why they have failed to come up with a reason to stop spending all the money they are stealing from hardworking Americans, to only give it back to the poor who just keep lustily banging their loins together, creating more mouthfeeders who will need health insurance, homes, police officers to arrest them when they get older and eventually more people to work when they themselves start having kids.

America has a cockroach problem and it is named Democrats and those who support them.  They all keep breeding and it is a problem.  The Democrats are breeding ideas of socialism and oppression.  Do you want to know what happens to a country where guns are banned?  Look at Mexico.

Criminals have no problem getting their hands on guns:  the police force of Mexico can hardly fight off drug gangs, ‘losing’ cities to warlords who oppress the the innocent citizens, who have no guns or weapons to defend themselves.  Women are raped.  Children are abducted.  Husbands and fathers are killed.  That is life in a country where the people cannot own any weapon they want.

People who want to kill will always get their hands on guns or other means.  Timothy McVeigh had no problem loading up a truck full of explosives and committing horror upon the innocent.  Only three weeks ago in China, three deranged maniacs ambushed a classroom full of innocent children.  They were armed with only small blades and they executed 18 of those precious souls before anything could be done about it.

Our Founding Fathers had it right:  we have the right to bear arms.  No one or nothing should interfere with that sacred right.  During World War II, the Japanese were scared to continue their near successful invasion past the West Coast, because their emperor correctly noted that behind every blade of grass in America, was a family all armed with guns.

And that fear should always be in the hearts of anyone who would think to invade our country, or take away our rights.  The Democrats would love to set up a dictatorship, as is the norm in socialist countries.  Look at Hugo Chavez, Fidel Castro and Josef Stalin:  that is what happens in Democratic countries.  Socialism will prevail, the naive will lap up in the serpent’s words of a demagogue bent and before everyone knows it, oppression has come upon ‘the worker’.  The Middle Class is just starting to feel the vice grip of socialism and oppression in the form of Obama’s tax hike upon them.



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