Libyans Apologize to America After Chris Stevens Murder, Embassy Attack – Picture Gallery

Jen Thomas
• TopekasNews
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Libyans have poured out into the street, seeking to find peace after a brutal attack by an organized mob of Libyan terror attacked the United States embassy and left 4 people dead. The message today: this is not Islam, we want America to forgive us.

Ambassador Chris Stevens was the dignitary serving Libya. Stevens was appointed to Libya to help the nation rebuild and reform, building a stronger bond of policy, commerce and trust with Western nations. After a film titled The Innocence of Muslims was uploaded to YouTube and offended some Muslims, however, all the progress Stevens made in the country, the contributions of America and any peace was forgotten. Stevens was suffocated and murdered, along with 3 of his colleagues. Americans are upset, but many Libyans are saying this is a splinter attack, does not represent Islamic feeling toward America and they want to make that point clear.

In their efforts, they held protests against violence and made signs for Americans to see.

While the gestures by these Libyans are great, the road to peace is now more complicated. Governor Mitt Romney is already making claims that America must be vigiliant, tough and warlike with Muslim theocracies. Some voters, being reminded of 9/11, are buying into the rhetoric. If Obama loses, the events taking place in Libya and Egypt would only fuel support for an invasion of Iran and other Persian/Arab countries.


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