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Local Cat Learns How To Pray, Wards off Winter Tornado With Prayerful Mews Unto the Heavens

Right before a major winter tornado nearly touched down in Scranton, Kansas, Mr. Peppers ran outside and struck a prayerful voice, his cute mews toward the heavens warding off the storm and perhaps saving a small Midwestern town.

Scranton, Kansas – I usually find cats to be quite dangerous, annoyingly invasive creatures who threaten the delicate ecosystem of this beautiful country, but one little cat has softened my heart.

This heartwarming story from Scranton, Kansas, details ‘Mr. Peppers’, the praying cat, who regularly prays toward the heavens.   Local townie Shenene Taylor gives details on the little stray who has warmed everyone’s heart.

“I first heard of the cat while at the local diner.  Ms. May at the local diner’s car had broken down earlier that day on the side of I-70.  It was still dark out and she was afraid.  Mr. Peppers suddenly pranced up out of nowhere and stood next to Ms. May.  The meowed something and then suddenly, Ms. May says the car started on its on!”


The amazing story told by Taylor matches other accounts of miracles that have taken place when the little stray has shown up to provide interceding prayer blessing for other locals.

Accounts of Miracles:

Shirley Townsend:  “My daughter wrecked her bicycle out past Lake Shawnee, very far from home.  She lost control after hitting a thicket of ice.  Mr. Peppers somehow found her out there, freezing in the code, and my daughter says he ‘put his paw in my hand, and closed his eyes.  I know those meows were prayers for me.'”

“Minutes after Mr. Peppers arrived, a random jogger who turned out to be a medic at a local hospital ran by, calling for an ambulance and tending to my daughter.  Doctors were perplexed at how she didn’t have hypothermia or major blood loss, considering she fractured her femur in the fall.”

‘Big’ Jim Nathans:  “At the school cross zone, one of the kids had her headphones on, listening to that little Bieber twit.  She had her music turned up so loud she did not hear the large semi-truck one of my workers was driving.  He would have hit her, had it now been for Mr. Peppers jumping in front of the truck, about 15 feet from where the girl was just standing and praying with hands outstretched  in the road.”

Opal Studabaker:  “Well at our bake sale, we were raising money to send money down to Haiti.  One of our church members has family down there, and we want to send them all the love and hope we can.  We were doing not so good on fundraising, until this cat came and prayed over our baked goods.  That weekend we went from only $350 to $4000, half of it being an anonymous gift.”

In addition to the miraculous stories, the cat has been seen espousing many of the acts of Christ.  One local told how Mr. Peppers regularly dives into a creek, bringing out large catfish and presenting them on the steps of the local homeless shelter.

“He’s our little apostle,” Johson Mayers, overseer of the shelter, says of the cat.  “He usually brings in 20 or so catfish a week, the biggest I say was maybe 20 pounds.  It sure is some good eating and this cat is a saint.”

The cat has also been known to break up fights between dogs, to randomly show up to the homes of grieving families and sometimes, it will walk into church services and lay its paws on people, usually waiting for one of the deacons to anoint it with holy oil.

“This is not something uncommon,” lectures Bible scholar Kenneth Thompson on the subject.  “The Bible says that if people fail to sing and praise unto the Father, even the rocks can cry out in praise.  This cat is just doing what we should be doing as good people of faith.  Bringing joy and happiness into the life of one another.”

The cat is not known to be owned by anyone in the town, though several townskeepers believe it belongs to the late Mr. Shirley, who passed away peacefully several years ago.  The ‘miracle cat’ is truly an inspiration.