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Local Chicken Gives Birth to Puppy, Gay Marriage Laws to Blame


Abbey Meadows, England – Well look what we have here.  Only a few hours after England legalized gay marriage, we can already see that the animals are confused about their species and gender roles.

A species-confused chicken has somehow given birth to a puppy.  Even worse, close inspection of the picture shows the chicken’s feathers are disheveled to the point that they are matted, appearing more like a mammal’s fur than a avian’s plumes.

This image just goes to show how animals are confused to see ol’ Farmer John spiffing the nethers of Milkman Mike in the dairy barn.  It’s all legal under the guise of marriage now in England and these poor farm animals, out in rural areas where wanton carnality is just free to take place in open fields are getting the worst of it.

What really hurts my heart here is to see this chicken is so confused, it is trying to change its natural appearance.  Instead of sitting in a barn, bocking out its song as it blankly stares into a wall as it lays delicious eggs for us to eat at breakfast, it is instead frolicking with golden retrievers and doing all sorts of sinful, unethical canoodling that lead to the chickapuppy above.