Mahmoud Ahamdinejad Finally Embraces President Obama

Tehran, Iran (TopekasNews) – In an ultimate display of President Obama’s diplomatic talent, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has come out in support of Obama’s campaign of tolerance and forgiveness for all of America’s formal enemies.

In his treatise in finally setting aside differences with the Western world, Ahmadinejad revealed that all Iranians feel more safe and secure with Barack Obama in office.

With President George W. Bush, Jr., in office, we all know that Iran would have been punished and bombed due to the bombings in Libya.  Much like Iraq was blamed for Saudi Arabia’s involvement in 9/11, Iran stands poised to become the new scapegoat for all anti-US actions in the Middle East.

With Mitt Romney in office, Iranians would have to live in fear every night and worry that if they decided to build anti-US IEDs, WMDs or effigy, they just might find a fleet of stealth bombers darkening their skies with bomb after bomb.

But with Obama in office, the Iranians can be left free and independent.  Iran can build a nuclear bomb.  Yes, they can.  And if Iran wants to reserve the right to challenge the US by attacking our country or any of our allies, why can’t they have that right?  If America has the sovereign right to attack others, then Iran can too.  It takes someone with a progressive mind like Barack Obama to understand this great logic and how it actually promotes peace.

Iran does not want war with us, they just want the ability to wipe out one of our cities or friends should they feel like it on a whim.  If America has that ability, why should we not allow that also to them under the blanket of friendship and peace?  Wake up, sheeple.  This is the age of equality and Iran is reaching out their arms for a brotherly embrace.  Let’s vote for Obama and make sure they are accepted into our society of friends and equals.