Marijuana, The Deadly Poison For Your Lungs

Haywood Bynum III
• TopekasNews
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Marijuana.  It is a deadly substance that is spreading through our great country.  During the 1980s we started a drug war on cracked cocaine, a white powder that ravaged the once strong, religious homes of black America.  But now, there is a green player in town and its ripping right through the heart of white suburban America, the fate of our families hanging in the fore.

Scientific research dictates that we should ban all marijuana from our country, for personal and societal safety.  The effects of it are usually deadly, the lifestyle changes damning.  Among the most shocking research to date shows that for every one marijuana smoker, four youths will lose consciousness at parties be diddled against their wishes.  Teenagers will drop out of school and become pregnant, or dead with bullet wounds from drug deals gone bad.

Marijuana has been known to sneak into the nuclear family and cause divorces.  Married people secretly meeting up on Facebook, their drug-induced encouters leading to late night drug orgies at clubs where they lose all sense of purpose, family and loyalty.  The divorce rate in America is over 60% and marijuana is solely to blame.

But beyond all that, there is the personal harm marijuana can do to the body.  If there is one staggering piece of evidence against marijuana and why we must remove this dangerous new ‘reefer scrog’ from our society, it is the following diagram I have prepared for you.


weed lungs

On the left, my medical friends have prepared the lungs of a man whose car was hit by a drugged driver.  The driver of the vehicle was smoking weed and driving, which caused the accident.  We can see the lungs of the man, who had never smoked weed, are perfectly pink and viable.

The marijuana smoker died in the accident as well, and we see his lungs on display to the right.  According to his friends, he had only been smoking marijuana from four days and ‘refused to let his high down’.  We can see that his choices to drive while drugged on marijuana proved deadly for an innocent man.  But below the surface, we can see how quickly the marijuana smoke had destroyed the negligent weed-smoking driver’s lungs.

On the anatomical right lobe, you can see a nodule.  That is a drug-induced marijuana cancer.  Proponents of marijuana will try to trick you and say that he helps ease the pain of having cancer, but we can see that marijuana is actually carcinogenic.  Marijuana causes cancer.  It is no surprise to learn that for every case of cancer, smoking marijuana is responsible for 80% of all causes.  Marijuana smoke is four times more carcinogenic than plain cigarettes.

Beyond the cancer, we can see how the marijuana smoke causes tissue to necrotize.  The brain of the man was too destroyed by the wreck to analyze, but it looked not much different than the lungs.  Marijuana smokers are often lazy, idle and cannot think clearly.  It is because the synapses of their brains are marred with this marijuana tar, explaining the stupidity and bad choices made by univerasally every person who smokes weed.

The imagery here tells you the truth.  The statistics are irrefutable.  Please join us in our efforts to Stop Weed Smoking in America, to ensure a better tomorrow for our lifestyle, culture and tradition.  If we do not take action now, everything will go sour like it did our nation’s recovering black community during the crack cocaine war.



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