Marijuana Tourism in Colorado May Teach Other States Lesson

• TopekasNews
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Only days after passsing Amendment 64, Colorado has become the subject of intense political debate.  Should America really have a state where smoking marijuana is legal?  And furthermore, should states even have the right to say doing so is fine if it is expressly forbidden by the federal government?

With the current administration in office, it is a question that has an open-ended answer.  If anyone from the radical right were in office, it could be assured that every measure would be taken to coerce Colorado citizens to accept the state would be ‘boofing free’, as one conservative senator puts it.  But that is not the case.  Within a year, Colorado residents could be freely smoking in designated areas without cause for concern.  And it is this freedom that may make Colorado one of the biggest tourism stops in America.

Let’s face it, if you have ever been to Europe you have had someone say, “You have to visit Amsterdam”  Sure, there is great architecture there.  The people are friendly, the clubs exciting and the tourist stops nonstop.  But there is one prominent feature in Afghanistan, one we never that we would see in America:  the politicians are lax about marijuana law.

Travelers will make it a point to spend days in Amsterdam, so how do you think they will respond to the prospect of lighting up without a care in the world, for only a quick trip on the cheapest airline they can find on Expedia or Hotwire?  It will not take long at all.  Colorado is already a beautiful state.  It has far lower tax rates than California.  Enough big names may just come to Colorado that it will see industry follow:  why can there not be a Hollywood number two, set closer to everything in the midwest?    What big, hooded heads would want this?

Tomorrow, Republicans will continue their gothic sackcloth and ashes routine as they mourn the loss of Mitt Romney.  Do not let the cloaks fool you:  they are not smokers, at least not yet.  But rest assured, either they or their children will be the future of Colorado’s economy, should Obama’s lax attitude on this issue prevail.  The people of the states have already spoken and so it should be done.  But will it?


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