Mexican Missile Crisis, Russian Cargo Ships Bringing Nuclear Weapons Into Mexico

russia nuclear weapons in mexico
russia nuclear weapons in mexico

Amateur photograph shows Russian warship testing a cruise missile in the Gulf of Mexico.

La Ciudad de Mexico, Mexico – The United States must make a full armed invasion of Mexico.  Surveillance from Google Earth and now amateur photographs show Russian ‘whaling’ ships are actually armed with cruise missile capabilities.

Vladimir Putin has maintained Russian ships stationed in the Gulf of Mexico were merely ‘for commercial purposes’ throughout the 2007 – 2009′ period of maritime accord and investigation, where George W. Bush ordered an investigation in increased Russian ships harbored near Mexican seaspace in the Gulf of Mexico.

Putin kept his operation clean until now and we see America has no choice but to lead a full out invasion of Mexico.

Since the times of John F. Kennedy, Russia has desired to brink nuclear destruction to the United States.  Putin’s land grab in Crimea will be the first of Russia’s newly found expansionist tactics.  With Russia now owning the world’s only space shuttles, they will soon take control of the International Space Station and refuse to give any other nation a ride to the orbital superweapon.

With such a space-based advantage, the Russians can easily shoot down America’s satellites and shoot down any shuttle that tries to make an approach.  Russia is going to use its space advantage and its missile attack to catch the United States at a weak point in defense.

Do not forget that Mexico already agreed to work with the Germans during the great World War, as proven by the Zimmerman Telegram.  There is also the fact that Mexico attempted a land invasion of America at Fort Alamo, where their troops mercilessly attacked innocent Americans.  Mexico has never apologized for those attacks and even more troubling, they still show lack of remorse by flooding American shops with Che Guevera t-shirts.

It is time for America to assert dominance and take Mexico by force.  It is a weak point in America’s defense and according to latest polls, over 95% of Mexico’s citizens want to live in the United States.  Many people in the nation are so desperate to live in America that they try to sneak into our country.  Let us make them like Puerto Rico, an official territory of the United States.

If we fail to act now, Mexico will turn communist and just be another Cuba, but armed with Soviet nuclear weapons aimed right at the home of you and your loved ones.