Miracle: Facebook Users Help Doctor Heal Local Man By Liking Status 1,000 Times

Matthias Brandenberg
• TopekasNews
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After Facebook groups and users teamed up to Like this picture, a Kaiser doctor was able to heal a man and restore usage of his legs.

Venice Beach, California – A local physician with Kaiser Permanente can say it’s nothing but a ‘miracle’ that he was able to heal a local man afflicted with a mystery disease. The back story to this miraculous story doesn’t start in the laboratories of the CDC or some church pulpit, but instead with perhaps the most unlikely place on Earth: Facebook.

An unnamed nurse at Kaiser became frustrated by the progress of a patient who was slowly losing his ability to walk. Despite much testing of the man’s entire body, doctors could not find a reason his muscles were deteriorating and ruining his young life.  In a possible breech of ethics and HIPPA guidelines, the nurse took it into her own hands to post a status update around Facebook:  if users could like a post 50,000 times, she believed fate would intervene and help heal the man.

The nurse, who prefers to remain anonymous, said she had seen other Facebook statuses where people were able to like something so much, that it was fixed.  Most famous and recently, Facebook users liked ‘Kony 2012’ to the point the story received national attention and everyone knew about it, liking it themselves to look civilized, educated and progressive to their other friends.

The local man, Buddy Smith, states that it was sometime early yesterday that he could feel his legs suddenly getting better.  His doctor was examing them and with but a few rubs, his legs felt better.   Smith thought it was rather odd and was shocked.  It wasn’t until the nurse was caught updating her Facebook with ‘thank you’ messages to other groups who helped ‘like’ her status that medical staff were able to put to-and-to together, realizing the correlation between Facebook likes and a successful cause.

Venice Beach native Buddy Smith lost use of his legs for over a year, until Facebook users liked a status update and helped a doctor heal him. – Source, KCLA, NBC

Smith says since his miraculous recovery, he’s vigilently Liked the status of every cause he can find. The phenomenon of ‘group liking’ something to the point of positive outcome plays directly into what we know about metaphysics. With each person is a certain gravitational force, an ability that can be used to shift the energy of a target. When we focus on a cause or person, we can cause an intense shift of energy in their life. By liking something, a positive action, we can embue a positive energy onto others. Smith’s success story matches the success we see each week out our Bay Area Metaphysics Society meetings. Make sure to like this story on Facebook to spread positive vibes and bring healing.

Indeed, the power of Facebook Metaphysics is a thrilling phenomena that we shall continue to explore and report upon as we see more success.


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