Miracle: Justin Bieber Finally Booed At Concert

Mike Goldberg
• TopekasNews
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The heat has been turned up on Justin Bieber.  At London’s exclusive O2 theater, Bieber refused to show up on time, stiffing hardened fans and annoyed parents with a shoddy concert that left many children crying, parents upset and hundreds demanding their money back.  In an organized effort, all throughout the concert, the upset crowed “booed’ Bieber’s ‘music’ and rightfully demanded their money back.

“My daughter was so proud to have me take her, then he pulls some [edited word] like this,” an angry Rhyss Wheaton, Sufolk, lauded as he left the show early.  Wheaton was one of many parents who had to pull their child from the expensive from row seats of the venue early, as Bieber was two-hours late in arrival.  By the time he took stage, on a school night, many had lost heart and expected the performer would not even show up.

Empty seats: As Bieber came onstage expensive front row seats were empty - as younger fans were forced to leave

“Empty and Upset”:  Scores of seats for the sold-out Justin Bieber concert were emptied, parents forced to take their little children home as Bieber did not have respect enough to show up on time.  Others fans sat in disbelief as a potentially drunk Bieber sloshed dance moves through songs, his words and lyrics sounding “lip-synced’ according to some angry concert goers.

Parents and fans who stayed behind to watch the show after a tw0-hour delay, filled in with torturous relationship ballands sung by Carle Rae Jepson were shocked and disappointed by the entire show.

One mother reports, ‘I spoke to so many people afterwards and they  were all very disappointed, and when we came out there were  kids everywhere in  floods of tears, not because they’d met him, but  because it was over so  quickly.’  In light of the crowd’s response, Beiber decided to flee the show thirty minutes earlier than it was scheduled to end.  Numerous witnesses claim the singer just up and left, with as little as an apology for being late.

Big upset: Fans of Bieber were seen crying outside the venue after he arrived on stage so late, seen here on Sky News

Lives Forever Changed:  Two Justin Bieber fans learn the hard way that good, quality music entertainment is not to be found in spending all their allowance on tickets to a Justin Bieber concert.  Tears of disappointment streaming down their faces, this life lesson will hopefully guide them to more wise and sage money-spending endeavors in their future.

Many have speculated if Justin Bieber skipped out on this concert, due to his new British girlfriend.  Earlier in the week, Bieber and this gal were spotted canoodling and making tumbleweed with one another.  If these allegations are true or not remain to be seen.


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