Mr. Putin condemns gays while entering Ukraine through the back door

vladimir putin molehair suit
vladimir putin molehair suit

Wearing molehair suits and sipping spiced cosmos on a crisp Russian winter day, is it possible that Putin is the biggest ‘in the closet’ man of them all?

Kiev, Ukraine – Russian troops continue to occupy the sovereign nation of Ukraine. Famed actor and gay right’s figure George Takei weighed in on the political situation with a timely quote: “Mr. Putin condemns gays while entering Ukraine through the back door.”

The quote is in reference to Russia’s strict anti-gay laws which gained notoriety on the international scene in the weeks before the 2014 Olympics in Sochi. Gay reporters and athletes coming into Russia were warned that blatant acts of homosexuality would be punished by Russian law.

But just a week after the Olympics, we can see Putin is definitely unleashing a good ol’ fashioned backside attack into the supple countryside of Ukraine. If military and political maneuvering are to be explained in innuendo, it seems Putin chose to come out of the closet and feigned peace in the worst way possible.

The international community is scrambling to prevent a war in Ukraine, though to date it seems the troops within the nation are smartly not engaging Russia troops deadly. With a pledge of support from Western nations, Ukraine would quickly fall and get pommeled by Russia. It is a good possibility that Putin wants the Ukraine army to fight back, so his military actions would seem justified to the Russian people.

At this point, it seems the Russians do not care about international pressure. Putin assures the Western world that Russian interests are being violated in Ukraine. With the scapegoating of gays during the Olympics and this random landgrab, it is a pattern of escalation eerily similar to what Hitler did before fully initiating World War II.