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New Jersey Teen Crashes First Car With New License, Marijuana Driving To Blame

bypass+crashBOONTON TOWNSHIP, N.J. (AP)  This is a horrible Thanksgiving with a very important lesson for a New Jersey teen.  Every responsible adult knows marijuana is the most annoying and addictive drug on the street.  It clouds the mind, impairs judgment and several ‘hits’ of it is equivalent to slamming back 6 or 8 cans of hard Keystone.

Unfortunately, a New Jersey teen was ignorant of these facts.  Fortunately, no one lost their life after his driving-under-marijuana-influence caused him to wreck his new car early this morning.  Authorities reveal the 17-year-old just received his license and hopped into his car, eager to celebrate his new coming-of-age moment with a friend.

[adsense]Oh, but unfortunately, marijuana creeped in to the joyous occasion.  Authorities report they found the boy had a significant blood-marijuana level and so did his passenger.  Impaired, the teen could not stop the car from drifting into an oncoming lane and striking a guardrail, and then speeding off the highway.  Police cited the driver for driving under the influence, to which the teen purportedly confessed imbibing only 30-minutes before hopping behind the wheel.  No telling what this will do for the parent’s auto insurance premiums.