Nickelback Public Approval Rating Better Than Congress

Sterling Manchester II
• TopekasNews
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Dubstep founding band Nickeback poses in this image, months before knowing that a major U.S. poll would find them more pleasing than Congress. 

How do you know we have an inept Congress?  The music of Nickelback, the complete antithesis of Phish, has a higher approval rating.  The band that started the entire trend of bravado sounds played over drolling chords is actually being rated worse than the people who we picked to govern this nation and look out for us.

That is terrifying.

But according to the latest poll from  Public Policy Polling, root canals, the NFL’s 2012 replacement referees and colonoscopies are things people would rather have in life instead of the current Congress.

The results of the newest poll should come as no surprise.  Congress has a nationwide 9% approval rating.


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