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Nun Gives Birth in Italy, No Idea She Was Pregnant

(Agence France Presse) – A 31-year-old nun is the latest miracle pregnancy and childbirth in recorded human history. The Salvadorean nun said she had no idea she was pregnant. After a bout of severe abdominal cramps this week, the nun was surprised when she laid down and from under her habit, a beautiful 9 pound baby boy popped out.

Friends of the surprised mother quickly rushed her to Rieti hospital, where other mothers and staff are taking donations for the impromptu bundle of joy.

[adsense]In the hospital, the nun reiterated, “I did not know I was pregnant. I only felt a stomach pain.” There is no clear explanation for how the baby got in there, aside from it was a divine gift from God.

There is a medical precedent for such events happening, as recorded in the Bible when the Virgin Mary became divinely pregnant with Jesus Christ. Perhaps it was an angel who impregnated the nun with this very special child who is surely to go on to great things, like perhaps being a future pope.

The nun named her child “Francesco” and plans to keep her child. The child will live in the “Little Disciples of Christ” convent. No word yet from the Vatican on this modern miracle child.