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Obama Handing Out Free Obama Phones to Trick-Or-Treaters in Washington: ObamaWeen

Washington, DC – Barack Obama abused America’s financial resources today by handing out free ObamaCare Cell Phones to trick-or-treaters who came to the White House today.

Calling the festivities “ObamaWeen 2013”, White House organizers screened all the trick-or-treaters and invited only those in poverty who chose not to vote for Obama in the last presidential election. ¬†Analysts anticipate this move by the Obama administration was aimed at ensuring voters line up to vote for Obama’s democrat successor in 2016.

“Obama loves to use grassroots Twitter, email and Facebook campaigns to ignite his fan base. ¬†If everyone is carrying around a free Obama phone until the next election, they will just all go and vote for him because he has this cool ‘tough guy’ internet image, when in reality he’s just a nerdy little Kenyan,” accessed House Republican Senator Wainwright for Oregon.

Crowds were generally shocked to find Obama freely handing out the latest iPhone and Android phones, but even more shocked to find the phones already activated with full unlimited 4G coverage and international calling minutes.

There is no word yet if Obama is actually using the phones are reverse spying devices at the time of report.