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Old Man Publically Spanks Boy, America Cheers and Rejoices

Vice-president Joe Biden visibly calls upon Catholic God to crash down a mountain of wrath upon the boyish, rehearsed lines of Representative Paul Ryan.

Danville, Kentucky – Shocked and amused by the rehearsed schoolboy who sat in front of him, Vice President Joe Biden spent most of the night laughing along with the rest of forward leaning Americans as Paul Ryan proved once and for all, the GOP is a joke.

Last night’s vice presidential debate proved that the Romney/Ryan ticket may as well be written in crayon by a tequila chugging Sarah Palin at Mardi Gras.  Paul Ryan knows nothing about Afghanistan, he believes women should be forcibly dealt with by men when talking reproductive and human rights.  Ryan tried to capitalize on the Benghazi riots, when in reality it was Fox News fanning the flames and running with the story of a YouTube video causing all the unrest, when in fact, like Obama said, it’s an act of terrorism.

ETHICS:  ABC’s moderator asked a very pointed question on religion, a litmus test to see what the candidates believed about separation of Church and State.  While VP Joe Biden stated he is a Catholic but cannot impose his personal views on others, Paul Ryan proudly stated he would demolish a woman’s right to choose abortion and force her to carry every baby to term, because his religious beliefs tell him that is how things should be.


Aside from CNN’s bizarre poll, most of America agrees today that it was refreshing and fun to see Biden spank Paul Ryan last night. When confronted with facts and common sense, there is no way Mitt Romney’s campaign should be more than a kid yelling, “We’ll give you free pizza and no homework!” in efforts to win over voters.

But as we all learned, this is not classroom elections. This is America’s choice for 2012 president and more important, perhaps one of the most crucial elections in the world’s history. We’re at a breaking point, a place where America decides if we will allow wealth and power to be centered in the hands of the elite, while the middle class is broken and our sons are sent off in a peasant’s army to fight wars that line the coffers of their masters. As the middle class get more poor and desperate, the elite will continue to dominate. It will be like pre-Revolution France and Britain all over again.

In this election, we need to get back to the basics. Aristocrats have no place in America, at least not dominating and thinking they run the show. This is a nation for the people and by the people. This is a nation where we lean forward in the way of progress. So let’s all join VP Biden and spank the conservative agenda at the polls in November.