Open Letter To Morans Who Believe Earth is 4.5 Million Years Old

Well, it seems my protest of Cosmos:  A Space Odyssey has upset the radical left-wing zealots of the world.

Let me just preface this open letter:  if you don’t like what you read here, you can just get out of my country.  I am not going to sit by idly while Neil DeGrasse Tyson tries to destroy the true secrets of Earth’s origin with his little fantastical show Cosmos:  A Space Odyssey.  Now how do you like that, Smart-alecks?

[adsense]It is absolutely shocking to me that there are so many people who believe the Earth is actually 4.5 billion years old?  Where is your proof?  Unless you are able to bend space-time like a Time Lord of British fiction, to travel back and actually see the Earth existing 4.5 billion years ago, you have no proof.  Why?

The basic elements of the universe are at most 13.8 billion years old, if we are to believe in left-wing science.  ‘Carbon dating’ does not take into account that the elements measured, to determine Earth’s age, may be universal chunks of matter that God created at the beginning of time.  These elements are probably billions of year’s old.

But there is one truth that we have:  the Earth was created by God, in the beginning of time.  Here is all the proof you need of that fact.


This is the oldest source of academia known to mankind.  History’s greatest scholars shared with us the secret knowledge of our origins.  Why so many people out there refuse to take in this lesson is perhaps the greatest mystery of mankind’s history.

Throughout time, we have soothsayers like Neil DeGrassse Tyson who try to lead humanity away from our destiny as eternal beings of cosmic knowledge, but how can our knowledge reach that without accepting our greatest gift:  being the creation of God.

Think about it like this.  During the 1960s, America was far more religious.  Prayer was still common in public schools, Creationism was allowed in the classroom, and America was at its best.  But as we have moved away from Christianity and Creationism, look at how our society has gone backwards.

Most children in 12th grade cannot pass basic math tests.   Why is it that when we stop teaching the Bible in school and stop allowing teachers to pray for their students, that our academics have become worse?

Why is it that private, Catholic schools tend to produce students who go on to be the great scientific minds of this country?  It is quite simple:  faith and science tie together.  Those who do not get educated in faith, will fail in science.

Faith dictates the Bible is historically accurate, and by its timeline, the Earth itself — with life as we know it — is not 4.5 billion years old.

There is no way any person on Earth can prove, with statistical significance, that the Earth has actually existed in some form as we know it for 4.5 billion years.