Parents Allegedly Lock Gay Son In Hot Car for 13 Hours, “Make Him Sweat Out the Gay”


Texas parents are in jail tonight after luring their gay son into an SUV and allegedly leaving him in it to ‘sweat the gay away’.  The son is recovering from heat exposure in a hospital.

A set of parents from Texas are in jail after allegedly luring their 19-year-old into a rigged SUV and leaving him stuck in the hot vehicle for more than 13 hours.

The series of backstory events leading to today’s incident started last month when the young man (whose name has yet to be released to media) returned from UCLA for summer break.  After a few days back home, the young man asked his parents if he could invite one of his new love interest from school back home.

The parents allegedly had no problems with everything until the ‘love interest’ arrived to their home.  As one neighbor put it, “it was chaotic, you could hear screaming and fighting from several houses away.  There were many gender-based slurs being thrown around.”

[adsense]Ashley Nolan, a neighbor in Texas, describes the locked-in-car victim as a ‘gentle soul and just always happy for everyone.’  She was sad to hear his parent’s reaction and was not surprised that instead of immediately giving in, he instead flew back out to California to spend the summer with his boyfriend’s accepting parents.  The Texas parents could not believe that their son’s love interest was a male and that their son was flying back to California to live with him for the summer, and immediately made their plight known on their Facebook account.  On one Facebook posting, their son announced he planned to get married to ‘the most wonderful man’ when he graduated from college in three years.

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Parents used social media to lure their gay son back home where they left him stuck in a car in efforts to ‘make him sweat the gay away’.

According to postings on Facebook, the young man’s parents made it clear they were grieved with the news and repeatedly asked him to ‘turn your life back to God and lead yourself away from the perversions of the flesh.”

After several exchanges on Facebook, the parents seemed to make one posting where they at least convinced their son to fly back out to Texas so they could ‘hash it all out and make peace’.  It turns out this agreement would be very bad for the young man.

New reports detail that the parents rigged an old SUV of theirs to be unable to open from the inside.  The SUV, used for offroading, was already outfitted with ‘very durable plexigless’ and according to officials, would be next to impossible for a human to break without some sort of metal to use with great blunt force.

The parents allegedly drove their son out near a property they owned outside Austin city limits, where the father held his son down while his mother allegedly parked the SUV in a thick field of grass in direct sunlight.   The father then quickly closed the passenger side door and watched as his son, in vain according to the victim, fought to break a window or force the door open.

The young man remained stuck in the SUV for over 13 hours in 117 degree heat.  Fortunately a passerbye on the road caught a glimpse of the SUV off-road and thought perhaps an auto accident had taken place.  Upon finding the young man flushed and passed out in the truck, immediately grabbed a car jack from his car and ‘wailed on front windshield until it broke’.

By the time the man managed to break into the SUV, first responders were called by his wife and the parents of the young man were in their property, oblivious to the rescue operations taking place on the outskirts of their property.

Charges are in the process of being filed.