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Police Release New Photos From Kurt Cobain Suicide, Days After Courtney Love Finds Malaysia Flight MH370


[adsense]In a very bizarre process of events, Seattle police have randomly released two new photographs from grunge-rock pioneer Kurt Cobain. Just as wild rumors circulated that Hole singer Courtney Love may have played a role in Cobain’s death, new unfounded rumors that police are reopening the investigation of the “Come As You Are” singer’s are widespread throughout social media today.

The new images are said to have come from rolls of undeveloped film found at Kurt Cobain’s death scene.

There have been no indications that the investigation will be reopened, though some analysts find the timing of two photograph’s relief too much a coincidence. Earlier in the week, Courtney Love chimed in on internet website to report that she had found the wreckage of Malaysia Flight MH370.

Much to the surprise of many, it appears Courtney Love may have been correct. Several nations are now sending ships to investigate the coordinates she tracked down on a photograph provided from a global mapping service. One of the ships includes the highly advanced U.S. naval ship P-8 Poseidon.