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Poor Family Accidentally Enters Whole Foods Market To Shop

poor family whole foods
poor family whole foods


[adsense]Temecula, California –  Locals report a  family of low-income stragglers accidentally wandered into a local Whole Foods, thinking it was an average shopping market.

“I was buying several Egyptian imported eggplants for a baba ghanoush dish for my co-worker’s housewarming,” reported local Temecula resident Preston Connors, chewing his thumbnail in a fit of fright.

“That’s when the scent of unwashed sweat hit my nose.  It was like walking past the Mexican gardeners trimming the lawn as I go to work, but there they were, a family of poors in my Whole Foods market.  They were touching all over the Fiji spritzed produce on display.  Needless to say, I tossed my eggplants on the floor in disgust.”

Lauren Alliston, taking a weekend break at home from USC, confirmed the sighting, “They were asking the cashier person if the store took food stamps.  I think that is that Obama monopoly money.  Whatever.   They had no business in there and their little girl was wearing overalls.”
The family allegedly walked through the store, bewildered that any combination of several items could total more than a day’s pay for hard work.

One member of the family named Abe Goodman was asked about his experience in the store.  “It was like being in one of those fancy restaurants who don’t put no prices on the menu.  When oranges cost you $4.99 cents each and the candy says ‘organic’ on it and costs you more than I make an hour a pound, then you know you are being ripped off.  No chef can make food so good it is priceless, and ain’t no damned fruit on this Earth that should cost a paycheck for a pound.”

The Whole Foods manager could not be reached for comment, though he was alleged to use an organic ‘Febreze-like’ solvent to freshen the aisles after the low-income family left the store with looks of disgust on their faces.