Putin Laughs At Obama’s Threats, Seizes Ukraine’s Naval Headquarters At Gunpoint


[adsense]Simferpol, Ukraine – Vladimir Putin has once again shocked Obama by sending armed troops and Ukranian ‘freedom protesters’ to the nation’s naval headquarters, where thousands of Russian troops demanded immediate surrender of Ukraine’s naval forces.

Ukrainian servicemen pass by armed men while leaving …Early Wednesday, armed Russian troops stormed the naval headquarters and immediately lowered the Ukraine flag from its pole.  Russian troops wildly fired their AK-47s overhead, taunting the terrified and surprised Ukrainian troops.  Ukraine’s military could only watch as the Russian burned their flag and raised the Russian flag over the naval headquarters.

Putin’s voice was then broadcast throughout the naval base via the p.a. system.  Putin announced the troops must immediately surrender, or have their city face the consequences and wrath delivered by Russian military.

Outmatched, shocked and outgunned, the naval seamen complied with Putin’s orders of surrender, which included walking away in civilian clothing and leaving all weapons behind. The Kremlin reports that there are several naval officers who have refused to comply and will ‘be dealt with’.

Ukraine’s Defense Minister Ihor Tenyukh revealed that Kiev would not withdraw its troops from occupied territory, but only an hour later the majority of Ukraine’s troops fled the naval base on foot.  Ukraine’s naval commander, Admiral Serhiy Haiduk, was among those who fled for their lives.

Russian troops prepare to burn Ukraine’s flag.
Putin announced that Russia’s actions in Crimea are only the start to his campaign to protect Russians from ‘fascists’ abroad.  Putin’s warning is seen as an announcement that Russia plans to annex and rule all of Ukraine.
New Ukraine Prime Minister Vitaly Yarema was told he cannot come to Crimea, as it is now a ‘Russian Territory’ and his plan would be immediately shot down for entering its airspace.

A Ukrainian serviceman carries his belongings as he …

Ukranian serviceman surrenders his belongings and leaves the base as ordered by Putin.

President Obama has expressed ‘shock’ that his imposed sanctions against Putin and his political subordinates did not cause them to immediately leave the Ukraine. Analysts predict that Putin has taken Obama’s vows to cut back nuclear arms, demilitarization of Russia’s neighbors and attempts at ‘peace-talks’ as a major sign of weakness, encouraging Russia’s current annexation process in Ukraine.

More troubling are thoughts that China will see Russia’s ability to invade and oust a democratically elected leader in a pro-US country as a sign that they can reassert themselves in currently autonomous regions they wish to control.