Radioactive Obama Peacock Spiders Being Used to Bite People, Program Them Into Agreeing With Obama Agenda

obama peacock spiders
obama peacock spiders

Obama Peacock Spiders recently discovered by research scientists doing arachnid surveys in various urban and suburban communities.  These spiders contain brain-altering DNA that aligns the victim’s brains with Obama’s unique speech wavelength, automatically making the victim agree with every word that comes from the POTUS’ mouth.

[adsense]Many of you may be familiar with The Amazing Spider-man, the fantastical Marvel Comics superhero who gained his powers after being bit by a genetically altered spider.  The brainchild of Stan Lee, the titular character Spiderman uses his abilities to help innocent people live a life free of criminal  tyranny and greed.

Now we find that the Obama Administration must have really taken the comics to heart, as they have conspired to create the radioactive spider species you see above to bite people, alter their brain’s DNA to be compliant with whatever words come from Barack Obama’s mouth.

Studies reveal that the spiders are living in clutches within poor, urban areas and annoyingly liberal elite areas, especially the especially  raykhish suburb of Brentwood in Los Angeles.  Once bitten by this Spider, the victim’s brain DNA is near instantly changed.  When Obama’s unique wavelength is received from the auditory canal, the victim’s eyes gloss over as the brain is automatically set to become ‘slave’ to the words and carry out whatever Obama says to do.

We can see that the genetic engineers were so sure this spider could brainwash most people, that they boldly emblazoned the Spider’s DNA to create Obama’s likeness on their abdominal region for all to see.

This explains how Obama was reelected and how he is not impeached after breaking so many laws.  Insiders reveal that in 2008, a powerful Democrat think-tank cut a deal with Obama to allow him access to this technology.  They knew by flooding low-income areas where routine pest spraying does not take place, these Spiders would thrive and bite many young and minority voters.

We can see the end result, so I encourage everyone today to go out and squish spiders, in the name of what is good for this country.