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Rapper Lil Boosie Hospitalized With Marijuana Overdose, Faces Jailtime After Release


Lil Boosie puffs out some of Satan’s laughing gas in this picture.

Baton Rouge, Louisiana –  As Twitter and TMZ hardly simmer down with reactions to Lil’ Boosie’s release from prison, sources indicate that the chief of the ‘No Limit Soldiers’ has already suffered a marijuana overdose and is being held at a Baton Rouge hospital.

The rapper, most famous for his Top to Bottom LP, was allegedly taken into custody in 2009 on marijuana racketeering charges.

I predicted Lil’ Boosie would not be able to shake his marijuana habits and so sadly, I was right.

My hope and prayer is that if this young rapper here repents of his sins and gives up marijuana, we can see him to better in life.

When doctors manage to lavage the marijuana from his bloodstream, the rapper will be taken back into custody and hopefully complete some rehab.