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Russia Announces It is Breaking Away from The UN, Starting World War III With Olympic Ring Symbolism


The Five Rings of the United Nations Security Council represent the following countries (in order of importance):  The United States of America, China, The United Kingdom, France, the “Russian Federation” (former Soviet Union).  Here we can see that Russia has destroyed their link with the other nations, a clear declaration of World War III.

[adsense]Sochi, Russia –  Russia has used the 2014 Winter Olympics to declare open war.  As we can see in the symbolism of the rings, four members of the UN security council remained interlinked and unified in peace.  But being dramatic and symbolic people by nature, the Russians have artistically expressed that they are no longer playing tea time in global policy.  Russia is going rogue and is prepared for World War III.

Suspicions of Russia’s increasing defiance to America’s global edict came to a head earlier this year, when Russia sent warships near Canada to stake a claim in newly discovered clutches of oil and natural gas deposits.  Then as the Winter Olympics approached, Russia further demonstrated its disdain for Western values by declaring all gay people are criminals, a nasty declaration expressly forbidden by the Geneva Accords.

During the opening ceremony, the world laughed with Russia and assumed the misfiring of the Olympic light rings was the result of the nation’s corrupt oligarch economy that produces dilapidated cities like Sochi.

But now that laughter is turning into a cold silence.  There is no chuckling involved when a nation who terrorized and threatened humanity with utter destruction from the 1950s to the late 1980s is doing art such as we see above.  The work of art is ominous and bold.  Little Russia versus the big ‘four bullies’, which is how they saw themselves in the Olympics.  Perhaps this is why Russia was so bent on cheating to ensure they came out on top in the medals count.

My dear friends, we sit on the eve of a new era.  I fear to say, a new Cold War.  Russia threw down the gauntlet in Sochi, by cheating our Olympic skaters, making our journalists suffer horrid hotel conditions and now this symbolism, where we can see their dancers telling the world Russia is going rogue from the permanent UN Security Council.

Our forefathers, under the guidance of sterling men like Ronald Reagan, Michael Landon and Pope John Paul II, were determined to make the new world strong and free.  They had to struggle against cold communism and its knights of destruction, but alas, they prevailed.  The Miracle on Ice took place, the Berlin wall fall and Star Wars assured America’s dominance into the frontiers of space.

But alas, my dear free readers and people, we must reach into a new frontier.  We must carry on as a strong America, seeking out new devastating weapons of freedom, marvels of science that ensure American enterprise cornering new economic markets and most importantly, we must find new ways to master the sky, the rain, the ocean, the tides, space and most importantly of all, the vulnerable minds of any of those who would dare side with communism, Obamacare or the Soviet Union.