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San Diego Chargers Cheat To Beat Chiefs Field Goal Unit, Make It To Playoffs

In typical fashion, the San Diego Chargers have cheated their way into the 2013 playoffs. After the game I would have liked to see everyone take off their helmets, because with such cheap play you would think it was the lowly Oakland Raiders moonlighting at there.

Fans of the Pittsburgh Steelers should be especially mad, as the Chargers cheating cost the Steelers the final playoff spot in the AFC.

NFL admits error not calling a penalty on Kansas City missed field goal at end of regulation

In the image above, one can clearly see the San Diego Chargers are lining up seven men to the left of the line of scrimmage.  This is an illegal formation, one of the easiest calls for a referee to make.  We can see one referee clearly standing right behind the illegal formation.

A referee missing this call is a very big deal.  Ryan Succop, the Chief’s kicker, likely missed the field goal because seven men were stacked on one side, creating insurmountable pressure for the offensive line to properly counter.

The NFL reviewed the play and apologized, admitting it goofed.  “Sorry Steelers, teehee”.  The game really made no difference to the Chiefs, who are only affected by who they may have to play later in the playoffs.  And if the Chargers could not fairly defeat a Chief’s team that sat all of its vital starters, a meetup in the playoffs will not be favorable for the guys from San Diego.

(Let us not forget, Chargers injured Hali and Houston during their first victory with a huge asterisk next to it).