Sasha Obama Yawns During Father’s Speech

Haywood Bynum III
• TopekasNews
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President Barack Obama loves to claim that he is the president of the young people, but can he keep his own house in order?  Apparently not and as it is said, out of the mouth of babies comes the truth.

Obama’s daughter Sasha Obama says it all here.

sasha obama yawn

During her father’s long-winded inauguration speech, she could only yawn to keep herself awake.  The droll blabbering of a politician who wishes he had the poise and character of Martin Luther King, Jr., must be especially tough on a young lady who has to hear him talk every day of her life.  And look at poor Malia Obama, nearly falling asleep and politely playing it off as if she were just straightening her dress.  Michelle Obama has a practiced and poised look, but in her mind we all know she is thinking ‘it is cold, hurry it up.’

Fortunately, the more Obama spoke surely the hot air coming from his mouth must have helped keep his faithful a bit warm.

The most amusing part of the image above is that Obama’s speech was on education reform. The government is going to experiment in five states, selecting schools to participate in a new federal effort to increase test scores of all Americans. The test schools will be required to have school year-round, with a three week summer break and a three week winter break. The new initiative will take more federal funding for school lunches and other standard requirements, but the long-term benefit is more highly educated Americans. This measure is expected to especially help curb negative education and lifestyle trends in urban areas, where students tend to fall to the wayside in the long summer break and may become less inclined to have upward mobility and attain college education. We can all agree that is good and that the funding is necessary.

The problem is that Obama will try to hoop healthcare and more free benefits for the non-working in any measure he introduces. That is B.O.’s M.O. You heard it here first. Here is the full video of Obama putting the future of America to sleep with his long winded diatribe.


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