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Spielberg Resurrects Triceratops, To Only Hunt it Down and Kill It In Cold Blood

spielberg triceratops
spielberg triceratops

[adsense] – Hollywood’s liberal elite producers are flaunting their money and power once again.  This time they are using science to ‘resurrect’ creatures from the dead, to only get the thrill of ‘wiping out a species’ again.

In this picture, we can see that Spielberg has used his vast wealth and powerful connections to resurrect what appears to be a triceratops.  The poor beast suddenly found itself alive again and to be honest, now I am suspicious that these “Extinction Games” events that Hollywood are putting on are causing things like MERS and H1N1.

This creature looks like it was strangled to death.  The photograph is strategically cropped, so Spielberg probably fought dirty and used a giant beartrap on this poor triceratops.  We can see it died with its eyes open, probably looking on and trying to figure out why the giant mammal Adam was wildly laughing and shaking his head skyward, instead of helping him out of the trap or trying to keep quiet so a Tyrannosaurus Rex would not come looking for a meal.

I am sending a letter to my local ASPCA to see if there is anything we can do to stop this sort of blood sport from happening.  Resurrecting animals and then setting up an area to hunt them down, calling it the ‘Extinction Games’, sounds like the scenario for a high-action, 3D Hollywood thriller, but doing this in real life is just heartbreaking and should have no place in our progressive society.