The Suicide of Amanda Todd Proves Death of Decency Among Internet Users

Emersyn Wachovia Watson
• TopekasNews
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Amanda Todd.  As of two days ago, this was a name I did not know or associate with any person.  Little to my knowledge, there was a very cute and normal looking high school student with that name, who had just went through an ordeal that may be all too common.  She was someone’s daughter, she was growing up to womanhood and learning the do’s and dont’s of life, just like we’ve all done.  She was also the victim of concentrated cyber-bullying, a cruel fate that we see more and more this day and age.

For me, this story started when I opened my Facebook one day.  There was an image done ‘meme’ style, where a young man was holding a bottle of Chlorox Bleach to his mouth and text that said, “Am I Amanda Todd yet?”.  Then, there were similar images of weird and poor taste:  a video of a young man dressed like a woman, pulling his shirt up.  Another of a young hispanic woman with her shirt pulled, but miniature bottles of bleach covering up any area that should not be shown.  Finally, there was yet another image making reference to Amanda Todd, with numerous likes, but one of my friends had commented on it: You people are sick on this page.  This young woman does not deserve this, no matter what she has done.

The response to this comment was more than negative.  Many people liked the comment, but perhaps for all the wrong reasons.  It was like the following commentary to solace and joy in the fact that there were people upset, wondering why the suicide of Amanda Todd was not a matter of joking or ‘funny’ images.  After I pieced two and two together and researched this story, it fell into my theory that at the core, humanity still has a very long, rotten streak amongst many of its members.

Without the confines of direct shame or punishment, people can be as primitive, non-cerebral and idiotic as a cave full of idiotic cae monkeys.  This fact has been proved by all the negative things surrounding Amanda Todd.  In her personal life, she was badgered because of some choices she made.  Now, post-humously, she is being badgered by people thinking that taking images of her or mocking her is some sort of cutting edge humor.  It’s not.  The ‘freedom of speech’ being used is no better than the WBC.  The brand of ‘offensive humor’ is no better than Daniel Tosh and Paul Akin getting drunk at a bar and crossing their toes and fingers they see a woman get attacked by a man, so they can get their jollies and make offensive commentary in the process.

People, this is a 15-year-old whose family deserves respect.  She’s not some bombastic celebrity who deserves the spotlight.  She’s a young woman who never had the chance to flourish.  I see the YouTube video card pieces she was holding up, archived on various news sources, and all I can think is I wish I could have been there as a big sibling or a friend during that time, because what she needed most was perhaps a hug, someone to stand up for her, or at least someone to talk to during this time of life.  Feeling isolated or shamed is never good, it’s something that only good friends and most importantly, good medical and psychiatric doctors, should be involved in combatting.

Disrespectful cave vermin who cannot comprehend that we’re not upset over their idiocy, but rather disrespect and loss of a troubled young woman who had her feeling exacerbated by the very idiocy they are displaying, will be met by karma at some point in their lives.  And when they do, hopefully they have some good friends there to help them through the emotions.


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