Three Pastors Arrested By American Police For Being Christian

Akron, Ohio – If anyone is to be taken captive, to captivity he goes.  Here is a call for the endurance and faith of the saints.   -Revelations 13:10 

[adsense]My dear Christian friends and good subscribers, the end times are truly here.  We are living in cruel days, evil hours.  The time of the Earth’s end is soon upon us and it is told that in these times, good people of the faith shall suffer greatly at the hands of those wicked with iniquity.

A new video has surfaced, showing three pastors arrested for being Christians.  When I saw this video unto my eyes, I let out an audible bellow in the heavens.  My soul was crying out, “O Lord, why must I live in these times!  What faith shall befall me, for standing strong for the faith.”

For years our elders warned that the day would come, when Christians would become oppressed for speaking the truth about how society must be operated.  Now when we go out into the highways and hedges, compelling those without faith to come to the Lord, we can be arrested and tormented.
FRANCE VIOLENCEWhen you stand strong in Capitol Hill, just like our good Christian brother Paul Ryan, and demand an end to these free school lunch boxes, free health insurance and giving all these plush benefits to parents and their children lazy with sloth, you will be lambasted by the liberal media.  They will crucify your name and your heart, trying to make you seem the enemy.

When you dare stand strong for the right’s of the innocent, demanding the wombs of women be protected by the wise rule of Congressional majority edict and good men like Dr. Ben Carson, who know life starts at the moment of conception, you shall be labeled very undue things and persecuted for wanting all babies to life.

Barack Hussein Obama.  He threatened Israel our good friends.  America’s role is to protect that country from all the oil-hoarding terror nations that surround it. Watch a good film like Megiddo or Left Behind and you will know what becomes of the world if America fails in that task.  It marks the final tribulation.

My friends, be strong of the faith.  I myself am so scared that I am going to by an old nuclear fallout shelter, so when national law becomes any man of the faith can be thrown in prison, I will have a place to go hide and pray out my final days upon this wicked Earth.