It Is Time For Ukranians To Surrender To Russia

Russia and Ukraine united
Russia and Ukraine united

Ukraine, your great Россия-Матушка Mother Russia hears your cry.   You are an angry child, lost and bewildered after decades of corrupt capitalism and American values.  Your heart desires to be pure, but your teenage angst causes you to rebel against your parent’s authority.

Ukraine, it is time to come home to the warm embrace of your President Vladimir Putin and your brothers here in Russia.  Together, we again shall form the happy family of the name USSR.

[adsense]Without Russian morality, Ukraine has become very, very morally questionable.

Yes, the Ukranian armies have committed terrible atrocities today.  For no reason at all, Ukraine has unleashed its mighty army against poor freedom marchers who just wanted liberation and freedom.  There is no choice but for Russia to condemn the warmongering and bring peace to this situation.

This week, President Putin will likely dispatch freedom fighters into Ukraine.  Let us hope that the bringing of peace is all for us to enjoy, as Ukraine is welcomed back into the family.