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Tomnod Shows Missing Flight MH370 Over Malaysia Jungle

Mystery: The image was found by an university student in Taiwan

 Several residents of Malaysia claim to have seen missing flight MH370 flying over a jungle and headed toward the Indian Ocean.  Online mapping site Tomnod, used by millions every day, provided the image above, first noticed by a student.

The image matches the accounts given by residents of the region, who frequently see planes overhead due to their airspace being a route of heavy traffic for commercial airliners.

Malaysian businessman Alif Hadi reported an unusual bright light streaking across the night sky, near Kampung Kadok.  The coordinates where Hadi claim to have seen the lights correspond to the area where the Malaysian flight lost contact with air traffic controllers.

A fisherman named Azid Ibrahim confirms Hadi’s account, stating that near 1:30 am he saw a bright light overhead, veering from the normal course for planes that fly over the region.   Ibrahim’s sighting was 100 miles away from that of Alif’s, showing the plane was making an off-course flight path.

Alif said the bright lights appeared to be landing lights, bright enough to illuminate the sky like the bright lights on a car.

The satellite image from Tomnod, the online map site used by millions in the search for the missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370, shows a passenger plane over a jungle