Topanga Covers Maxim, It Is Glorious

Mike Collins
• TopekasNews
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Maxim is a beautiful magazine that should win awards for its journalistic integrity. Whenever I am feeling down and out in the lobby of my doctor’s office, I’m happy that one of the fellows finds the necessity to subscribe to the fine journal and leave copies of it littered about for us patients.

On the cover of this month’s issue is the one and only Topanga from Boy Meets World. I have no idea what her real name is and that does not really matter. As a teenager, I always had a crush on Topanga, Kelli Kapowski and Winnie Cooper. I’m sure you did too and that is what makes my journalistic revelations today so great for you.

There is actually a spin-off series of Boy Meets World taking place. The series is named “Girl Meets World”. Cory Matthews (played by the kid with the white-fro) ends up marrying Topanga, who has grown up to look like this:

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Okay, my intern just told me her name is ‘Danielle Fishel’, so there’s your research for my required celebrity article for the week. I usually don’t bother to research celebrity news beyond ‘wow, she looks really good!’ such as this, or to complain about some idiotic celebrity doing something that any of us normal shmos would be sent on a Bantam death march for doing.

At any rate, Topanga is looking great, the new show will be watch worthy if she’s dressing like this and getting camera time, and we will inevitably see her have to sit through interviews on Jimmy Kimmel, Jay Leno, Letterman and even that Jimmy Fallon who talks like an excited cheerleader who just won herself a nice medal at the Olympics.

Anyone else notice how he runs his words together and has a munchkin voice? Anyway, Topanga looks great on the cover of Maxim. Tell your friends and co-workers, because that is as good as celebrity news is getting today.

4. How times have changed…


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