Violating A Woman’s Rights Is Never Legitimate

I am disgusted to think that there would be one woman who would give a legitimate vote to Mitt Romney or Paul Ryan. I know Ann Romney does not have a daughter, and that’s likely for the best, but what woman could call her husband ‘good’ and know that he stands in cahoots with people who have stated they would take away a woman’s right to choose to carry a child, and worse, that somehow a rape victim could have ‘wanted it’ if she becomes pregnant. Because we all know, women can control pregnancy with some special flap that we open and close at a whim.

This November, it is crucial that every free-thinking, forward-leaning, woman shows up to the polls and votes against Mitt Romney. There is nothing good about a man who would happily strip away rights. I can guarantee you that if he did not have to keep up appearances of ‘normalcy’ to be Governor and Godess forbid US President, he would happily smack Anne Romney around along with his harem of 10 other wives.

There is nothing respectful about the man: he views those who make less than $250,000 a year as vermin. He would stomp all over the rights of every minority, including atheists or non-Judeo-Christian based faiths as interpreted by himself. Mitt Romney is the type of man who would see a crying woman, violated and abused, wanting counseling and saying, ‘You better have insurance and you better be sure you didn’t actually want it. We’ll know in 9 months.”

Join us in making sure the scumbag does not make it to office in November. The wombs of the future depend on it.