Waiters Should Never Make More Than 10% Tips, Truth in the Word Deliverance at Applebees

Haywood Bynum III
• TopekasNews
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Waiters have become an ‘entitled’ class of people.  During the last presidential election, Mitt Romney and conservative commentators such as Bill O’Reilly made an awesome observation about reality:  America has become a land where the lazy have a chip on their shoulder, thinking ‘entitlement’ of charity, Obamacare, foodstamps and free housing is something everyone owes them.

There are people in America, the “47%” so to speak, who think just because they are Americans, they are supposed to get certain benefits.  Along with the welfare queens and elderly running up Medicare bills, waiters and waitresses are among this class of people who are quite frankly, destroying the economy.

Have you ever gone to a decent restaurant to enjoy a nice meal, all after a long day at work?  You may take your sweetheart, or treat the entire family.  Perhaps you just finished with a big group project and want to go out for some laughs, good food and a few drinks.  Sickeningly, lurking at the restaurant is the culture of entitlement.  The entitlement culture is embodied as your waiter.

Lips puckered with attitude, waitresses size you up and expect a tip no matter the service they give you. Per/minute, waiters and waitresses make more money than nurses, doctors, lawyers and such in tips. Is their one minute of actual work to you while eating really worth that much money? Restaurant owners should be paying their actual hourly work wages, not you.

Usually not even fully focused on you, the waiter or waitress lurks up to your table, instantly sizing you up and trying to predict how big a tip you will provide.  Some restaurants play into this process, for their receipts say things like “18% gratuity included”.  This means horrible service or not, they want you to pay money to the waiter.  It doesn’t matter if the waiter is taking out subsidized school loans, mooching up Obamacare or whatever, for some reason you — the customer with a nice, posh taxed job that doesn’t require guilting others to give you tips — are supposed to give someone extra money, outside their paycheck, for doing the damned job they were hired to do.  It is ridiculous.

At any rate, the waitress will come up, snapping his or her head, taking your order and usually not getting everything right.  They are never around right when you need them.  They hurry away.  They do not cook the food.  They at most, will refill your drink, ask you ‘how it tastes’ and then bring you a bill.  If I had to tip my secretary every time she made a drink, she’d be rich.

But somehow, in all that process, they expect to make an 18% tip, at least?  Should you deviate from that tipping process, they will try to demonize you and attack you.

The first time I learned about the problem with waiters, I was a young man in high school.  Several friends and I went to a buffet restaurant.  We had just finished golfing and between us all, had decent high school jobs and loose change in our pockets from earlier in the day.  When we finished eating our food, we pretty much emptied our pockets of our spare change.  A lot of quarters, dimes, nickels and pennies.  In all it was probably a $15 or $16 dollar tip in spare change from four high school kids, the lunch buffet was only around $25 for all of us, meaning the tip was huge.  Not even thinking, I left a golf tee or two in the pile of money.  We left the nice tip and went outside.

Seconds later, our waiter came screaming, red faced.  We looked back at this man, probably in his 30s, yelling every obscenity to us.  “You didn’t fu**ing pay me in bills you *****”.  Apparently, tips can only be in the form of bills, even if it is sizeable.  Shocked, we dodged the change we had generously left for him moment before, fleeing to our cars.  As we drove off, I remember my friend’s car being pelted by a handful.  We just laughed and shook our heads, happy to not be injured by the maniac waiter.  We drove off and to this day, I wish I knew the guy’s name.  If I were smart, I would have told my parents and he would have received a nice letter from my father’s lawyer.

Fortunately, a pastor from Deliverance of Faith church challenged the issue of entitled waiters.  After a church service, several of her colleagues went to Applebees for some good food.  Just like every other restaurant in America, her and friends were chum in shark water:  waiters circles, masticating and anticipating a big, fat tip of money to which they are not entitled.  Tipping is not a requirement.

Pastor Bell, the parishioner in question, realized this fact and delivered a simple message to her waitress for the evening:

I Give God 10%, why do you get 18?  This is a reference to tithing, something all people should do for the Lord.  The Creator of all, who made the entire universe and keeps our lives blessed, only gets 10% of our EARNED wealth, per month.  Why would a lazy kid, broken actor or person who has found their calling in bringing me food and drink get such a big, fat tip?  For that $34.93 meal, should everyone be expected to pay at least $7?  If I wanted to pay someone $7 for about 25 seconds of work, I would hire a maid.

Think about it:  how much face time does a waiter or waitress give you?  Maybe 15 second bursts of ‘how does it taste’, ‘can I refill that’ per sitting.  They will do that enough to where they think you will tip them.  In all, you may see your waiter or waitress actually serving you for nearly a minute while you dine at a restaurant.  The chef spent far more time cooking your meal.  The busboy in the back will take longer to clean your mess:  but for some reason, the waiter and waitress are supposed to get paid so much money?

Pastor Bell’s waiter or waitress would be making $7/minute x 60 mins = $420/hr.  For a brief moment, space-time apparently collapsed into some weird alternate reality where a waiter or waitress deserves to make the same hourly salary as:  an Emergency Room physician; an experienced trial lawyer.   See the problem?

Customers usually don’t realize just how much money they are paying someone, just so the restaurant can cheap out on hourly salaries.  I will tip just because it is social convention, but I do not agree with the process.  Someone with a job like waitress or waiter should not be making the effective rate of $420 dollar an hour.  That is the type of nonsense that creates the sense of ‘expected entitlement’.

The case at Applebees is just a fine example that echoes the memory from my high school days.  Restaurant executives are laughing all the way to the bank, because America’s entitled class of waiters/waitresses will not challenge their company’s crappy salary and work expectations.  They will take out their frustration on consumers, making it a social taboo not to give them money they quite frankly, do not deserve.


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