Wendy’s Employee Caught Selling Marijuana Burgers, Fired

[adsense]Lovejoy, Georgia – A Wendy’s employee was arrested for dealing marijuana hamburgers.  In a backstory that sounds like an episode of Showtime’s Weeds, Lovejoy Police Department reports a 32-year-old woman was arrested during a November 1st shift after sprinkling some of Satan’s Secret Sage into a customer’s burger.

Shocked, dizzy and annoyed, the drugged customer managed to regain mental focus and dial the local police department and ambulance.  Fortunately, paramedics were able to save the victim customer from marijuana exposure and rush the customer to the local hospital, where heroic medical staff treated her for food poisoning.


Wendy’s of course fired the employee, has offered to help pay any medical bills from the marijuana exposure and according to various sources, even offered the customer $50 gift certificate.

Years ago, I warned this is the exact type of thing we’d see if we allowed states to become weed friendly.  It starts with a few desperate soccer moms trying to addict people to their product, baking a bit of reefer in the brownies, scrogging the holiday egg not with minced marijuana leaves, all meant to leave the unsuspecting customer wanting more and more of a secret high.

This is just like the original Coca-Cola, which purportedly had little bits of Cocaine cut right into the soda mixture.  So if you don’t want to end up with one of these munchie burger, you should contact your Congressional leaders with this story of what happens in an America without morals.