Where Are They Now?: Shaun White, X Games Snowboarding Star Who Was Ruined by Marijuana

Haywood Bynum III
Moral Leader • TopekasNews
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Photo: Shaun White, one of the greatest snowboarders of all time. RUINED because of Marijuana.

Shaunt White, one of the greatest snowboarders of all time. His life ruined because marijuana.

We all know the statistics.  Since the 1960s over 40.6 percent of the US population over twelve years of age have tried some form of marijuana.  Since the 1960s, America’s morals and ethics have slowly declined.  Prostitution has increased, weird disease such as AIDs and obesity have become common and our economy is in ruin.  Marijuana is to blame.

The worst thing about marijuana addiction is that so many people are in denial.  Over half the country fail to admit that the drug’s potent nature and ease of access make it one of the greatest dangers to Western civilization.  But as former X-Games champion Shaun White found out after only six hits of Keef’s Magic Mint during one tragic day in Aspen, marijuana is not only deadly:  it can slowly debilitate and ruin your life.

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Keef’s Magic Mint, also known as The Devil’s Lettuce, is a strain of marijuana common in the affluent stretches of Colorado’s Aspen region. Now widely grown and offered to celebrities since Barack Obama legalized the dangerous devil’s herb in the state, The Lettuce is a green colored plant that is actually eaten as salad or smoked. It packs the same punch no matter how it is consumed, due to the potent LSD-like crystals soaked into each leaf during the curing process of the scrog.

On the fateful day in Colorado, Shaun White met with several unnamed  Denver Bronco’s players who offered him to become part of the ‘Mile High Club’. At first disgusted, White said ‘no way’ as he enjoys women.

The players explained that the Mile High Club was named after the Bronco’s former NFL stadium, not the coital act assosiated with aircraft.  The club was a group of ‘power marijuana afficianados who can afford the good stuff’, as White recalled in his memoir. White went to a cabin with a former Bronco’s quarterback and allegedly took six hits of Keef’s Cush, or magic mint.  Within moments, he knew he had made a tragic mistake.  But moments later, he lost his mind and wandered out into the cold, brainless and without feeling.  One shocked fan caught a glimpse of White walking through the frigid 10 degrees Farhenheit weather, without a coat.

Moments after consuming magic mint with several unnamed Denver Broncos players at Aspen’s exclusive Mile High Marijuana Club, Shaun White wandered off into the blistery cold mountains and was not seen again for days.

The last known image of Shaun White before he wandered off into the frigid wilderness of the Colorado Rockies is every parent’s worst nightmare. His usual gleaming, aware eyes are glossed over.  His face, red with confusion and wind burn.  Already on his face, you can see the characteristic pimples and acne remains that typify the clogged pores of every stoner.
And with mouth agape, like the quintessential blonde trying to figure out rocket science, you can tell that there is not much thought going through the brain of White in this image.  He is baked.  He is suffering cognitive meltdown and the early signs of Marijuana-Brain Syndrome.  White at this point, is toast. The fans saw White wander off further and further.  All of the Broncos and celebrities back at the club’s cabin were ‘too baked’ themselves to help White, just laughing a stoner’s raspy laugh and eating all assortment of foods as they watched the marijuana virgin wander off into the White death of Colorado’s unforgiving winter cold.

When Shaun White was found in a mountain town days later, he had suffered major injury.  His face was swollen and his chin broken in several places.  His hair had thinned and all he could do was eat every thing placed before him.  He lost several toes to frostbite.Doctors did all the could for Shaun White but since then, he has not been the same. His onc gleaming locks of red hair have never grown back.  He suffers from anemia and recurrent relapses.  He is not as dominant snowboarder or skateboarder.  Much like Michael Phelps who went from being the greatest Olympian of all time to being forced into early retirement as marijuana consumed his body, Shaun White is now only a shell of his former self.  It only took six hits.

Marijuana statistics from the 2004 from Monitoring the Future study, 16.3 percent of eighth graders, 35.1 percent of tenth graders, and 45.7 percent of twelfth graders reported using marijuana at least once. And despite major efforts to find and punish dealers, 73.3 percent of tenth graders and 85.8 percent of twelfth graders noted that marijuana is “fairly easy” or “very easy” to obtain. Clearly, it is nearly impossible to pass through high school without meeting at least one person who uses or sells marijuana.

Rich or poor, young or old, the myriad strains of marijuana are everywhere and can be presented to you. Maybe an old lady at your church’s baking club has a secret habit and will try to get you hooked? Maybe your son’s soccer coach will try to get him to smoke a hit after practice and then play goalie in the backside as his mind is confused and spinning? Over 53% of young women try marijuana now. Maybe your daughter’s friend’s sleepover isn’t all about giggling and getting giddy of acetone as they remove nail polish. Maybe they are polishing off some other objects, if you get my drift?

Magic Mint is among the most deadly and addictive of marijuana, but all strains are deadly: every person who has smoke marijuana will die, and with 100% statistics showing marijuana is always deadly, you have no choice but to protect your family.

If you suspect a family member is smoking it up, intervene immediately. You do not want the tragedy that has impacted White to come to you or your family.


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