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Yet Another Otter Eats an Alligator, Attacking And Mauling It To Shreds


 For the second time this week, a river otter has savaged a mighty salt-water crocodile.  If you look deep into this alligator’s face, you can see the sheer shock and torment it is facing.  You can see shame, desperation and despair.  “How did this ever befall me? ”

The otter, with its little mouth and soft, mammal body has no business wrangling with an alligator.  This is akin to seeing a spider snare a majestic eagle in its web of damnation, greedly spiraling liquid steel from its spinnerets as the eagle shrieks out in horror.  How has the terrorist arachnid won?

I for one blame global colding.  The Earth has too many fossil fuels stored up at its core, and unless we continue to frack and drill for them, build the pipeline from Alaska, it will continue to build up too much internal pressure.  Temperatures were so cold this winter, alligators have become weak.  They can only thrive when global temperatures are warmer.  Global warming is a liberal lie, but global colding is what we need to focus upon.

If we do not, we will continue to see tragic stories like this one pan out.  Just look at these images and this poor alligator is so ashamed that he’ll be eaten by a little river vermin.

Feel free to listen to this video while you scroll through these images.



Now this otter is eating this alligator whole, just like he’s a snake.  What sort of madness is this?